surrounded, closed off on all sides. As we all know we are in a pandemic, and due to that pandemic everyone is feeling a little "enclosed" in there own little world and to some extent feel helpless because life isn't the same as it used to be we are unable to do the things that we had done before, even if its something so simple like getting a haircut and having a laugh with the barber, back then I feel like we took things like that for granted and didn't understand the value of what that moment can do to you and effect how your feeling and how it benefits self esteem and mental health. so during this hard time it is important to stay positive and stay saintly, 8 ways that this can be done is to:

  • Put God first - God promises that when you put him first, you can accomplish everything you need to do.
  • Form a plan - Reflect on yourself on where you can make improvement
  • Clear out distractions - Clear out the clutter in your life 
  • Live modestly - Lead a life that reflects a true connection and understanding of what we can and cannot afford. It’s easy to get caught up in the material world we live in. We want more, the best version and the latest of everything. We spend money we don’t have and wonder why we are still unhappy. It’s better to live within your means and focus less on physical things and more on your spiritual happiness.
  • Be humble - Be more focused on self-improvement, combined with a desire to love and lift others up. 
  • Lean on friends and family - Gather with family and friends for support and to share your values  
  • Live in the moment - Learn to let things go. You cannot change the past nor can you predict the future. Enjoy the moment now and live like you could be called to judgment at any time. Think before you act. 
  • Help others - Helping others through kind and selfless acts can contribute to a more balanced and fulfilling life. 



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